Sunday, September 3, 2017

Springtime For...

We’ve ended another wrenching week with this current unfit, anti-science, truth-warping, money-worshipping, law-disrespecting, ignorant, imperious, corrupt, coarse, Kafka-esque, foul, faux-Christian, scam-loving, dysfunctional, deplorable, delusional, democracy-dismantling, ill-principled, nepotistic, police-state-leaning, patronizing, power-grasping, plutocratic, pompous, prissy, prevaricating, pathological, piggish, petty, Putin-obeying, phony, pathetic, prickish, press-bashing, cerebrally-challenged, pseudo-American, scared little, self-absorbed, simple-minded, non-stable, tweet-obsessed, whistling-in-the-dark, roguish, Russian-colluding, Alpha-malevolent, amateurish (and impeachable?), Aryan-embracing, routinely-ridiculed-as-clueless, tin-pot dictatorial, pussy-grabbing Regime (...but you didn't hear any of that from me), and somehow I feel compelled to again run this classic Jacob Bronowski clip:

...BUT, so as not to end on too sad a note, we'll close out sliding from Bronowski to Brooks:

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