Friday, January 4, 2013

Some 2012 Favorites...

It's often traditional for bloggers to wrap up the year by listing their favorite posts from the prior 12 months. So a little belatedly I'll list (especially for newcomers here) a varied set of posts from last year that were among my personal favorites:

from Jan: "Is the Answer Obvious, or Obscure"
from Feb.: "Seife, Wallace, and Infinity, Oh My!..."
from Mar.: "Sleeping Beauty... NOT Your Childhood Fairy Tale"
from July: "Another Prime Example..."
from Aug.: "Mind-wrenching"
from Sept.: "Joy To the World (of Math)"
from Nov: "Doing The Thing You Love..." and "Benny's Rules"
from Dec.: "Why Infinity Will Drive You Bonkers"

2012 was also the year I wrote my shortest post ever ;-):

But, my favorite posts of the year were the interviews I only initiated in October, that allowed me to better get to know several wonderful math enthusiasts/communicators, who I might otherwise never have had the pleasure of interacting with:

...I expect 2013 to be at least as much fun!

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